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I am the Lead Digital Product Designer at Planet Labs. Previously at Leap Motion. I am not formally taking on projects. That said... I like putting my energy behind awesome products and working with smart and passionate people so feel free to get in touch even if it's only to say hello.
One part Product Designer,
one part UI & UX Designer,
one part Prototyper,
one part Information Architect,
one part Problem Solver,
one part Curiousity,
one part Logical,
one part Expressive...
Stirred and not shaken. I wear many hats.
Get in touch or look at things I've done.
I'm also a daddy-o, main squeeze, gypsy jazz pompeur, off-piste skier, and mini-golf master. I surf and sail sometimes. I have two degrees but seldom speak of them. One taught me to think big, the other to be a skeptic (think harder.)
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Yours truly,